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He chooses words like "above", "end" and "death" to bring out the image and his vision of death, and he compares his life using "Drove to this tumult in the clouds. Comparing to it, the poet uses irony to emphasize his detestation to the racists' irrational killings of black people. write my research paper for free grade 1 He is rather pessimistic about life and is not afraid of death, as it will help to end his meaningless life. Yes, "host" and "crowd" mean pretty much the same thing. Why is it no one ever sent me yet One perfect limousine, do you suppose?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He is destined to fight and to die in the war. pay for writing name in cursive Her beauty is compared to a "garden" and a "heavenly paradise", both metaphors. He idealises peaceful solitude and avoids the society's tedium. He believes that the rules for example 'etiquette' we have when we interact with each other is to make sure we can be 'tolerable' to others and not 'come to open war'.

Orwell points out the cruelty of death. Rather, the soldier regards his life as "silly" and "outraged" and deserves no pity. admissions essays services ivy league In the poem, he describe the lady's face as fresh and beautiful. Poem B describes the war scene in vivid detail, portraying a more realistic picture. The continuing use of the image may further suggest to us that the poet may not be satisfied with what he observes of social affairs and is away from the social trend as he is looking at things from a distance.

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That sticky feeling round my neck had put me in a demoralized kind of mood. Such sights must be taken for granted, I thought, as I gasped and slithered and stumbled with my disconsolate crew. He does not fight because of the 'law'and his'duty' Nor does he fight for the 'public men' or the 'cheering crowds'.

The tone is sarcastic and cynical. This suggested the idea of heaven, which he would go to after his death. He might also feel that he wants to get rid of the loneliness in his life and go searching for something different. For A , the whole of the first stanza is contributed to describe the 'Flanders field' in which the dead lie. In What mood is the poet at the beginning of the poem?

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However, different attitudes towards wars are shown in the two sources. The pronoun the poet choose to use within the poem reveals to us that he is actually talking about her instead of directly addressing her. help me writing a thesis middle school ppt He believes it is not the time 'to be pitying them or asking silly questions about their outraged lives'.

It is also an irony in the sense that in the comparison, one thing is born fruit , one thing is killed. Through the unpleasant atmosphere created in the poem, we can see that the poet doesn't think killing black people because of racial discrimination is right. order custom essay meister reviews But for B , the trench was 'wrecked as though by earthquake and eruption' and 'concrete srong-posts were smashed, and tilted sideways; There is little or no bloodiness and violence. The tone is sarcastic and cynical.

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In comparison, the poem does not have detailed description of feelings. I know that I shall meet my fate Somewhere among the clouds above: In the field poppies blow , larks, still bravely singing but the last line of the stanza Scarce heard the amid guns below suggests the theme of war. That sticky feeling round my neck had put me in a demoralized kind of mood. Policies and guidelines Contact us.

I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree, And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made: In the poem, he describe the lady's face as fresh and beautiful. However, the line can also be interpreted so that it is actually a metaphor which is used in the line.

He wants to have his inner freedom by building a small cabin by the lake and living alone in the bee-loud glade'. The originally peaceful pastures are no longer peaceful now, the blood of the "strange fruit" - "strange", as of an odd colour, in the racists' eyes - shed on them, and the tragedy will continue, for there will always be other races and more racists who will persecute people different from them--"here is a strange and bitter crop". While in poem B, the use of and go now, and go is a powerful repetition for showing his strong aspiration to go to Innisfree. She thought of the past sweet memories she had had when a "he" sent her flowers.

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