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But management is also people. Click the "Next" button to the next activity after you finish one. term paper service k to 12 curriculum in the philippines Paraphrasing involves taking a set of facts or opinions and rewording them. Therefore the human qualities of 'vision', 'dedication' and 'integrity' are more crucial for success or failure of allotted tasks than other factors. Managers are the people who this task is given to, and it is agreed that they achieve what they want through the key activities of planning, organising, directing and controlling.

This means to express their opinions or findings in your own words. Instruction Finally, list your references as you would do at the end of your essay in the text entry box. essay on how to help the community Instruction Finish all activities below. Retrieved September 24th, , from http:

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He asserts that each accomplishment of 'management' is, in actual fact, the accomplishment of the person who has done the managing. Koontz and Weirich Duke's online website provides many examples of paraphrasing in order to help students understand the difference between paraphrasing and plagiarism. Home Reference Examples Examples of Paraphrasing. Choose which of the sentences that follow the extracts accurately describe the different paraphrases.

Their most important roles in the process are, planning, organising, directing and controlling. But management is also people. In Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.

Alteration of sentence structure and order of information also assist in the rewording of the original. The main ideas need to come through, but the wording has to be your own. Now decide which of the following five sentences about the above paraphrases are true and which are false. Click the "Next" button to the next activity after you finish one.

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The first paraphrase is unacceptable because it is shorter than the original. An organization could be a business, a school, a city, a group of volunteers, or any governmental entity. best essay writing harvard admission Useful synonyms can be found at sites like http:

How has it changed after synthesising your sources? All the above paraphrases are acceptable because key vocabulary has been changed. In order to continue enjoying our site, we ask you enter in the text you see in the image below so we can confirm your identity as a human.

An organization could be a business, a school, a city, a group of volunteers, or any governmental entity. This is the case in terms of vocabulary, sentence structure and the order of information. essay assignment help global warming in hindi For effective paraphrasing, it helps to have a good awareness of common academic synonyms.

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Show review Hide review When paraphrasing, a wide vocabulary and especially a good knowledge of academic synonyms, is extremely helpful. Managers attain their clearly defined targets through the primary factors of preparation, organization, direction and control Luft, But management is also people.

However, it is not sufficient to just change a few words. Paraphrase 3 Management can best be defined as the system that is used for any organisation to succeed in meeting its objectives. In Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. The vision, dedication and integrity of managers determine whether there is management or mismanagement.

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