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QLink is a nightmare. I have been trying since first part of May to report it but every phone number I called and every site I went on line no one answered and none of the links allowed me to leave a message about my lost phone. help me write a thesis statement for free exercises My address is first St. I recieved a phone from Q- link that was thrown in a quick mail box and does not work.

If your disabled and have problems with the service you have every right to complain everyone else shut up and go get a phone e it's only 60 dollars a month i guarantee you spend more then that on the newest Jordans or weed and alcohol but want to sit there and complain about some free shit. And this definitely qualifies as fraud. write my essay paper apa I am on my 2nd phone as the phone charged and made one call to activate it!

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I did finally talk with a representative after the 3rd denial and he stated all the documentation was good and his supervisor was personally walking the 'verification' department for final processing. She also is a petty thief. A friend of mine received a cell phone and showed no proof at all. Hope their business shuts down. I thought these phones were supposed to be new??

Q wireless, defective phones i have only had the service weeks and have had 2 phones, one was giving the 67 error from day one, then i was able to chat and get a replacement phone, and i was supposed to get a return label for the other phone. He also was to put my name on the records so I have permission to discuss this so called account. I now use safelink and have no problems with that company. Click here and we'll drop you a line when new articles are up.

I lost my phone. Fraud stealing from the government. I filled out the application in Nov. Narendera Dass - Novoelite Hi i am.

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Click here and we'll drop you a line when new articles are up. I am on my 2nd phone as the phone charged and made one call to activate it! When I tried to make the call I got this recording saying that I ran out of minutes or that my phone was reported stolen.

Read this article, Danny. So we cannot turn your phone off. i need help writing a research paper format Can't get housing, food stamps or medical because u was able to get a job and make to much money so everyone crying let your own phone if I can get a job with a record lime mine anyone can. I am a very calm person because I deal with the public everyday in my profession. Fraud stealing from the government.

Customer service is non existent!! This is an independent informational website. Someone stole my phone please turn it off!

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I had also said that if I had to pay to send the phone back then just forget it as I would just toss it away! What a bunch of cry babies you get a free phone and expect it to be a galaxy 's6 or something my girlfriend has qlink and her phone is an older phone but it works she gets her minutes every month and you even get mb of data. My login and password do not work also though I have tried numerous times. I called and spoke with them and told them what happened and also de-enrolled myself from the service. I was unaware there are other companies authorized in Missouri offering this same government benefit.

The Best to you all. My other phone tore up,.. Fraud stealing from the government.

Not a member of Complaint Board? I just got my phone today and there were 5 messages on the voicemail indicating that two or MORE people had used this same phone before ME!!!! I now use safelink and have no problems with that company.

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